UEE30811 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Select, install, setup, fault find, repair and maintain electrical systems and equipment in buildings and premises. 

Description The requirements for granting this qualification will be met when competency is achieved for:
All Core Competency Standard Units and any combination of Elective Units to a total of 140 points.

UEENEEC020B   Participate in electrical work and competency development activities

UEENEEE101A   Apply Occupational Health Safety regulations, codes and practices in the

UEENEEE102A   Fabricate, dismantle, assemble of utilities industry components

UEENEEE104A   Solve problems in d.c. circuits

UEENEEE105A   Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment

UEENEEE107A   Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications

UEENEEE137A   Document & apply measures to control OHS risks associated with
electrotechnology work

UEENEEG006A   Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage machines

UEENEEG033A   Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage electrical apparatus and

UEENEEG063A   Arrange circuits, control and protection for general electrical installations

UEENEEG101A   Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits

UEENEEG102A   Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits

UEENEEG103A   Install low voltage wiring and accessories

UEENEEG104A   Install appliances, switchgear & associated accessories for LV electrical

UEENEEG105A   Verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations

UEENEEG106A   Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits

UEENEEG107A   Select wiring systems and cables for low voltage general electrical installations

UEENEEG108A   Trouble-shoot and repair faults in low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits

UEENEEG109A   Develop and connect electrical control circuits

UEENEEK142A   Apply environmental and sustainable procedures in the energy sector

Elective Competency
To be selected according to learner’s workplace requirements.
Outcome Successful completion of the Certificate III course will allow for the application for an Unrestricted Electrical license to be lodged.
Nominal Duration Four years (less with verified Recognition of Prior Learning).
Pre-requisites Nil

Fees: 1st year $395 pa, 2nd-4th year $525 pa.

Acknowledgement: Australian Apprenticeships in the ACT are funded by the ACT and Australian Governments

Note: Fee exemption or concessions may apply.
Please see Policy and Procedures 14 for our fees policy.

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