Course Outlines

WH&S – Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace – UEENEEE101A
Risk Assessment – Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electrotechnology work – UEENEEE137A
Workshop – Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components – UEENEEE102A
Fixings – Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment – UEENEEE105A
DC Circuits – Solve problems in d.c. circuits – UEENEEE104A
Drawings – Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications – UEENEEE107A
Computer Basics – Use computer applications relevant to a workplace – UEENEED101A
Computer Intermediate – Use engineering applications software on personal computers – UEENEED104A
Environmental – Apply environmentally and sustainable procedures in the energy sector – UEENEEK142A
Magnetism – Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits – UEENEEG101A
AC Theory – Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits – UEENEEG102A
Cabling – Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits – UEENEEG106A
Protection Methods – Arrange circuits, control and protection for general electrical installations – UEENEEG063A
AC Machines – Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage machines – UEENEEG006A
Quotes – Provide quotations for installation or service jobs – UEENEEC003B
AC Methods – Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits – UEENEEG033A
Testing – Trouble-shoot and repair faults in low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits – UEENEEG108A
Cable Selection – Select wiring systems and cables for low voltage general electrical installations – UEENEEG107A
Control Circuits – Develop and connect electrical control circuits – UEENEEG109A
AS/NZS Standards – Install low voltage wiring and accessories – UEENEEG103A
Equipment Install – Install appliances, switchgear and associated accessories for low voltage electrical installations – UEENEEG104A
Solar Basics – Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus and systems – UEENEEK125A
Solar Install – Install, configure and commission LV grid connected photovoltaic power systems – UEENEEK148A
Orientation – Participate in electrical work and competency development activities – UEENEEC020B
Capstone – Verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations – UEENEEG105A
Telecommunications – Install and maintain cabling for multiple access to telecommunication services – UEENEEF102A
Maintain documentation – UEENEEC001B
Solar Design – Design grid connected photovoltaic power supply systems – UEENEEK135A